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Midday Dogwalking
Working late? Dog need some exercise during the day?
  • One 1/2 hour long walk: $17.00
  ($2.00 for each extra dog)
  • Visits include a great mid-day walk with fresh water and treats (as directed, of course!), including any feeding or medication as requested. Weather is not a problem. We will walk in rain, snow, and sunshine. Its up to you and your dog to tell us when NOT to walk!
Petsitting (Dogs)
Vacation? Business Trip?
  • One 1/2 hour long visit: $17.00
  ($2.00 for each extra dog and/or up to 5 cats/exotics)
  • Visits include walking, feeding, hanging out, giving medicine, anything that involves the dog's normal routine in order to keep her/him safe and happy while you are away. Also included in the price is care for house cats, exotics, and basic housesitting.
Petsitting (Cats)
Weekend getaway? Night out?
  • One 1/2 hour long visit: $15.00
  ($2.00 for each extra dog and/or up to 5 cats/exotics)
  • Visits are at least one 1/2 hour or 1 hour long visit per day (no every-other-day visits offered, sorry) and include feeding, refreshing water bowls, scooping litter boxes, and hanging out to play! This also includes basic housesitting (see below)
Petsitting (Exotics)
Ferrets, bunny rabbits, birds, or reptiles?
  • One 1/2 hour long visit: $15.00
  • Visits include any care that is normally associated with exotic pets such as feeding, cleaning, playing, etc. Also includes basic housesitting.
  • Services include bringing in your mail and newspapers, watering plants, taking out/in the trash, rotating lights, etc.
SERVICES       No hidden fees, our pricing is straight forward. No extra charge for holidays!